Gravel bike for Teague

Reno local Teague reached out to get a custom gravel bike. He requested that I design the bike to work with a Shimano GRX 2x drivetrain and 700x55 tires.

Teague's purple and silver custom steel gravel bike

This was a tough ask. First I had to ensure that the front derailleur inner cage wouldn't interfere with the large rear tire. Since the GRX derailleur sticks further outboard than a typical road front derailleur, there was just enough room to make it work.

Then I had to make sure that I could squeeze a chainstay between the 30t inner chainring and the 55mm tire. There's not a lot of room to work with there. In the end I used a CNC machined yoke on the driveside to provided just enough room for everything to work.

Teague wanted to use the silly Rodeo Labs Spork complete with googly eyes. The paint scheme and rest of the components add to the fun and quirky build. This one definitely has personality.

Custom steel gravel bike with Rodeo Labs Spork 2x drivetrain and wide tires on this gravel bike Copper-colored Battle Born graphic Shimano GRX flat mount brake and 160mm rear rotor Googly eyes on the Rodeo Labs Spork Copper Manzanita graphic with purple powder coated frame Fillet brazed seat cluster with Wolftooth seat collar and eeSilk suspension seatpost Copper Manzanita head tube badge with build number stamped into badge Curved seat stay bridge