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  1. Baby blue gravel bike

    Matt's gravel bike

    While I have nothing against carbon forks, I was happy when Reno local...

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  2. Route map of the Smoke N Fire 400

    Preparing for a bikepacking race

    Around May this year I get it in my head that it’d be fun to do a bike...

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  3. Kurstin's gravel adventure bike.

    Kurstin's glittery gold gravel bike

    Kurstin is no stranger to bikepacking the wilds of Nevada. I admired h...

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  4. Fenders on a custom steel ultralight touring bike

    A dream bikepacking bike

    This is the bikepacking bike I’ve been dreaming of for a few years now...

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  5. Fenders on a custom steel ultralight touring bike

    Rachel's hybrid

    Rachel asked me to make her a hybrid for commuting to work and for the...

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  6. Hardcore hardtail

    Collin's hardcore hardtail

    Collin asked me to build him a hardcore hardtail using the principles...

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  7. Fenders on a custom steel ultralight touring bike

    In defense of fenders

    In truth, fenders don’t need defending. Wait, could removing fenders f...

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  8. Manzanita gravel bike with Porcelain Rocket Micro Panniers and Rockgeist framebag and harness.

    In defense of panniers

    Panniers are the worst. They’re heavy. They rattle. They’re not aero....

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  9. Manzanita gravel bike

    McCord's gravel bike

    McCord requested a gravel bike that would be ideal for events like the...

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  10. Manzanita randonneuring bike

    Vermont touring bike

    For the past two years Carrie and I have dreamed of touring in Vermont...

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  11. Manzanita bikepacking bike with 26-inch wheels

    Carrie's bikepacking bike

    Carrie’s new bikepacking bike, dubbed Little Beast, is made for roamin...

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  12. Gravel bike with dropper post and 650b wheels

    Sierra gravel explorer

    Most of the dirt roads here in the Sierra Nevada range are steep, chun...

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  13. An aggressive 29er hardtail for a big rider

    Scott's aggressive hardtail

    Scott asked me to make him an aggressive hardtail with 29er wheels. Sc...

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  14. Custom touring bike with integrated dynamo lights and porteur rack

    My touring rig

    A great road touring bike blends the best attributes of road, randonne...

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  15. Custom steel touring bike with Velo Orange Crazy Bars

    Dilby III

    Carrie, my wonderful wife, hasn’t had much luck with the frames I’ve m...

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