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“The only drawback to ordering a Manzanita is that you will soon want a stable of them.”

– Collin W.

“I just got back from my first bike packing trip and I was so grateful that I had my Manzanita to accompany me!”

– Rachel B.

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SNF400 race route

Preparing for a bikepacking race

Around May this year I get it in my head that it’d be fun to do a bikepacking race. Type II fun for sure, but something that’s worth trying, at least once. I’m getting to that age (42) where my body is starting to break down. I have a Morton’s neuroma, creaky knees, my hearing and eyesight are getting worse, and I’m definitely not as mentally sharp as my 20- or even 30-year-old self. While my body is still relatively strong, I want to keep challenging it.

Bikepacking bike with panniers in Joshua Tree National Park

In Defense of Panniers

Panniers are the worst. They’re heavy. They rattle. They’re not aero. They require racks. They bump into you when hike-a-biking. Sometimes they eject from the rack and tumble along the road behind you. Why would I ever want to use them?