Your bicycle should disappear under you so you can focus on your adventure

I know how important it is to have a reliable machine, where a mechanical failure can ruin a trip. It’s the reason I made my first bicycle frame in 2007. I wanted something I could rely on during a 5-week trip around Iceland.

Since then, I've logged thousands of miles using various setups, from the traditional 4-pannier mule to the lightweight bikepacker.

bikepacking in the Nevada high desert
touring the Blue Ridge Parkway

My goal is to produce a bicycle that works for however you choose to have your adventures.

During our initial discussions, we’ll talk about the types of luggage you plan to use and the terrain you like to ride through. This information guides how I’ll tune your frame to your needs, so on your next trip your only concern will be scouting the perfect campsite.

Rachel on a bikepacking trip in the Marin Headlands.

I just got back from my first bikepacking trip and I was so grateful that I had my Manzanita to accompany me!

Rachel B.