Gravel bike for Kurstin

Kurstin is no stranger to bikepacking the wilds of Nevada. I admired his blog and his adventures long before moving to Reno. So I was way beyond stoked when he asked me to make him a drop bar bike for fast and light desert trips.

Kurstin's gravel adventure bike.

Ask any bikepacker what their number one concern is when planning a trip in the desert and they’ll unanimously answer, “Water!” Although you can find a surprising amount of the wet stuff if you know where to look, it’s always good to play it safe and carry a lot of it with you. To accommodate this need, we put bottle mounting points all over the frame and fork. I brazed in a total of 29 bottle bosses! A record for me. Now Kurstin can’t blame the bike if he gets thirsty out there.

The bike is outfitted with 27.5×2.2 tires and a sensible 11-speed 1x drivetrain controlled by a Microshift bar-end shifter. The original plan was to run a Shimano GRX setup, but with the parts drought still plaguing the industry, Kurstin concocted a fine solution. The White Industries crank and headset makes for a bulletproof and beautiful build.

For the color scheme, Kurstin wanted to acknowledge the history of gold mining in Nevada. Dark Matter Finishing applied a black powdercoat with gold flake and gold graphics. In the sun this thing is glorious!

If you’d like me to make you a similar bike or something wildly different, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Segmented fork crown Seat stay cluster Rear disc brake with arch Tire clearance for mud Gravel adventure bike Disc fork with dual 3-pack mounts Battle Born graphic