Why I love simple websites

Most websites I visit these days bombard you with pop-up windows asking for your email, asking if you want to receive notifications, asking if you can share your location, asking if you want to accept their cookies. These windows stop you temporarily from doing what you came to do: read an article or buy some pants. The interruption is jarring, like a song that skips or a video that buffers.

On the other hand, when I visit a website that loads quickly and is simply-designed it feels like I've found a little oasis. I can get the information or the pants I want and move on with my day.

The Manzanita Cycles website is my attempt at making something fast and simple

  1. There are no ads, trackers, cookies, analytics, or other 3rd-party spyware that get in the way or slow you down.
  2. The default font is your device's system font. It's already loaded on your device and it's designed to be legible.
  3. The images are served in a compressed format via a content delivery network to make load times as quick as possible.
  4. The website is a collection of static HTML files with a dash of CSS to dress up the raw output.

Thanks for reading my little rant. If you have suggestions how to improve the performance of this site, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm not a professional web developer or designer, just a frugal hobbiest with some opinions about how bloated websites have become.