Questions answered

How much does a frame and fork cost?

All steel frames start at $2,499.

This includes two sets of mounting points for water bottles, stops/guides for brake and derailleur lines, IS disc brake mounting, 12mm thru axle dropouts, a single color powder coat with contrasting graphics, and a White Industries headset in your color of choice.

Extra options are available and listed one the pages for each bike model. If you don't see an option listed, let me know and I'll provide a quote if I'm able and willing to do it.

All custom steel forks start at $599.

This includes either a lugged crown or unicrown fork with IS disc brake mounting and thru axle dropouts. I currently don't offer a steel fork for flat mount brakes. For that you can choose among available carbon forks.

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Is shipping included in the price?

I typically use UPS to ship your bike with insurance to cover its replacement in case of theft or damage. Shipping to a US destination starts at $75 for a frame set and $150 for a complete bike. International destinations will be more. You can also pick up the bike from Manzanita Cycles World Headquarters if you live near Reno.

What's the ordering process?

  1. If after our initial conversation, you’d like to have a Manzanita in your life, you’ll pay a non-refundable $500 deposit. You’ve now committed to the build, and I’ll add you to the build schedule.

  2. Once added to the schedule, it’s time for some homework. You’ll receive links to some online forms to record your body and bike measurements and to list the components you'd like to use for the build. This information will help me design your bike for the proper clearances and the right fit. It's at this point that you'll want to consider getting a professional fit. That way we can be confident that the contact points—hands, butt, feet—are where they should be to provide a comfortable and efficient ride.

  3. At your scheduled build time, we’ll discuss all of the details that will make your bike unique. We’ll talk ride characteristics, geometry, riding style, frame options, paint colors, fit, and component selection. Soon after, I’ll provide a CAD drawing of your frame and a detailed quote for the frame and components. We can go back and forth at this point until everything meets your expectations. After approving the design, you’ll pay 50% of the balance for the frame and components.

  4. Once the frame is finished and built into a complete machine, you’ll pay the remaining balance. Your new ride will then be partially disassembled and carefully wrapped in protective packing material and sent to you fully insured. It’s a good idea to bring your new bike to your favorite professional bike mechanic for final assembly.

  5. Hop on your new Manzanita and pedal!

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What is your turnaround time?

I will provide you an estimated turnaround time during our first discussion. Note that until you pay the deposit, the estimate isn't locked in. The deposit secures your spot in the build schedule.

What is the warranty?

I use only the best tubing and raw materials for making your frame, and I stand by my work. If you are the original owner, Manzanita Cycles offers a lifetime warranty on all Manzanita-made products that fail due to a materials or manufacturing defect.

If you crash, abuse, modify, or damage your Manzanita product, or if you install parts incorrectly, use incompatible parts, or fail to do proper maintenance on your bike, then it will no longer be covered by the warranty. Any paint and graphics are also not covered.

If you have a problem with a component not made by Manzanita Cycles, it's best to contact the component manufacturer for support. However, if you're having trouble getting traction, let me know and I'll try to help out.

What tubing brands do you use?

Your frame may include tubes from Reynolds, Columbus, Dedacciai, Kaisei, and other high-quality manufacturers.

It's worth noting that the tubing brand isn't as important as the tube characteristics: diameter and butting profile. When building your frame, I'll select tubes based on the best characteristics for the job. Sometimes that means using all tubing from a single manufacturer, but most often the frame will contain a mix of brands.

Do you only sell complete bikes?

Although I prefer to build your bike as a complete unit in order to guarantee that it looks and performs its best, I’m also happy to send you the frame for your favorite professional bike mechanic to build up. I don’t charge a build fee if you get a majority of the components through Manzanita Cycles.

Do you build custom wheels, racks, or stems?

I prefer to focus on making you the best frame and fork possible. There are several professional wheel builders I can recommend. Tubus and Nitto make the best touring and randonneuring racks. I regularly use those racks to place rack mounts. And we can always paint your stem to match the frame if you want that fully integrated look.

What are the paint options?

The base price includes a single color powder coat finish with painted graphics.

You can have your frame powder coated, cerakoted, or painted with liquid paint. I use the same skilled professional painter for all three options.

While liquid paint offers the most color options and artistic design, it's more delicate. Cerakote, while more durable than powder coat, has the fewest color choices. I think powder coating is the best blend of durability, looks, and value.