All frames start at $1899 and custom steel forks at $499.

I braze every frame together with a blend of premium steel tubing tailored to the ride characteristics of your custom frame. I then send your frame out for powder coating. When it returns, I apply an internal coat of rust inhibitor. If you’d prefer a wet paint or something beyond a single color, the price rises depending on the design.

Your new Manzanita will look and perform its best as a complete build. You’ll have access to the top components at competitive prices. I will then install the parts and carefully package your bike for shipping. This process guarantees that your bike is a stunner when it arrives on your doorstep.

The process

  1. If after our initial conversation, you’d like to have a Manzanita in your life, you’ll pay a non-refundable $500 deposit. You’ve now committed to the build, and I’ll add you to the build schedule.
  2. Once added to the schedule, it’s time for some homework. You’ll receive a document to help record your body measurements and current bike measurements. These numbers will help me design your bike for an ideal fit. Another option is to work with a professional bike fitter. That way we can be confident that the contact points—hands, butt, feet—are where they should be to provide a comfortable and efficient ride.
  3. At your scheduled build time, we’ll discuss all of the details that will make your bike unique. We’ll talk ride characteristics, geometry, riding style, frame options, colors, fit, and component selection. Soon after, I’ll provide a CAD drawing of your frame and a detailed quote for the frame and components. We can go back and forth at this point until everything meets your expectations. After approving the design, you’ll pay 50% of the balance for the frame and components.
  4. Once the frame is finished and built into a complete machine, you’ll pay the remaining balance. Your new ride will then be partially dismantled and carefully wrapped in protective packing material and sent to you fully insured. It’s a good idea to bring your new bike to your favorite professional bike mechanic for final assembly.
  5. Hop on your new Manzanita and pedal!