Manzanita all-road randonneuring bike

Smooth is fast

Manzanita all-road bikes are great machines for all-day road adventures where pavement quality varies and dirt roads are part of the fun. Running wide, supple tires smoothes out the ride to reduce the vibrations that rob you of speed.

All-road bikes are wonderful companions for randonneuring events and light touring. Your Manzanita can be optimized for carrying weight on the fork, where it will have less impact on how your bike handles.

Your frame will be fully custom. The fit, geometry, and tubing selection will be tuned for your weight, riding style, and frame size.

Starting at $2,499

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Standard specs

What's included with the frame

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Fork options

You can opt for a Manzanita steel fork for $599 or a carbon fork.

Steel forks use straight steerer tubes and more flexible fork blades for a little more front-end compliance. We can customize the fork offset to optimize the handling. The fork can be made for rim or disc brakes. At this time a flat mount fork option is unavailable.

Carbon forks weigh less. That's their real advantage. Carbon forks cannot be powder coated.

Steel fork optional extras